Flood Mitigation Project

The Village knows flooding is a real worry for many residents in our community, and the Village has spent millions of dollars over the past 20 years to improve stormwater management. We also know that our work is not done and, with the increased frequency and intensity of rain events in recent years, the needs have increased and become more urgent.

The Village is moving forward with engineering for a number of projects that will mitigate the risk of flooding in several neighborhoods and the Flossmoor Road viaduct and we want to keep residents informed. The Village is also actively seeking grant funding for the construction of those projects that we cannot afford on our own. If you are aware of a flooding area that has not been discussed with the Village, please contact us so we can review the situation and help address the problem.

Berry Lane - Updated February 1, 2021

Baxter & Woodman, the Village's engineering partner for the greater Flossmoor Road viaduct flooding project, has completed a preliminary study and modeling of various alternatives for the mitigation of flooding in the viaduct and upstream area in the Heather Hill subdivision, namely Berry Lane. Village staff and Baxter & Woodman have also met with staff from Flossmoor School District 161 and the Homewood-Flossmoor Park District to discuss the alternatives because some of the alternatives would involve work on their properties.

Should the Village Board of Trustees be in favor of the option involving regional detention, Village staff will engage in further discussions with school district and park district staff and make formal presentations to their respective boards, as appropriate. Further, regardless of the alternative pursued, staff also plans to explore with the building owner private property improvements at the Civic Center (corner of Flossmoor Road and Sterling Avenue) that could further improve flood relief in conjunction with the public improvements.

Baxter & Woodman presented to the Board on February 1, 2021 alternatives to the Flossmoor Road viaduct flood mitigation project.

Flossmoor Road Viaduct Drainage Improvements

In 2019, the Village worked with Baxter & Woodman Consulting Engineers to investigate the expansion of a 2005 study that only included the Flossmoor Road viaduct to include areas upstream (west) of the viaduct. The goal is to reduce and/or eliminate flooding in those areas, in addition to the viaduct improvements. The $2.7 million project identified in 2005 did not include the Berry Lane, Oakmont and Douglas Avenue flooding. The expanded project will include Downtown Flossmoor, Berry Lane and Oakmont Avenue in the Heather Hill Subdivision, as well as the Douglas Avenue drainage improvement areas. Areas downstream (east) of the viaduct will also see improvements from this project. 

On February 6, 2020, the Village submitted a grant application to the FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant Program for the expanded Flossmoor Road Viaduct Improvement, with an estimated cost of between $5.7 million and $6.5 million.  Village staff then submitted a request to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Section 219 Grant Program for funding assistance toward the project, which has a grant amount of $1 million to $2 million.

Recent Updates

On June 15, the Village Board approved a $40,000 contract to Baxter & Woodman to complete the expanded study of the viaduct and upstream areas. The study work is underway, with a first priority focus put on the Berry Lane area due to the extreme flooding that is occurring there on a regular basis.

On June 26, Baxter & Woodman submitted a grant application to the DCEO REBUILD Illinois Public Infrastructure grant program for funding assistance in the amount of $5.7 million to $6.5 million for the project

The Village has a contractor completing storm sewer cleaning and televising in the Berry Lane area to ensure the existing storm sewer is operating at its peak efficiency. This work will also help identify any structural issues that may exist in the storm sewers that could affect flow.

Staff is currently working with our engineering consultant to determine the feasibility of implementing an interim pumping plan for Berry Lane to mitigate flooding until a permanent improvement can be designed and constructed. 

Hagen Lane & Douglas Avenue Drainage Improvements

Over the past year, Baxter & Woodman has completed drainage studies of the Hagen Lane and Douglas Avenue drainage issues. These areas are rear yard areas that flood during significant storm events and cause structural damage to homes and garages when flooding occurs. The Hagen Lane project also includes improvements that will mitigate flooding in the 1000 block of Evans Road. The studies recommended storm sewer improvements to mitigate flooding at a total cost of $904,000. On February 14, 2020, Baxter & Woodman submitted an application to the MWRD Stormwater Partnership Program to request funding in the amount of $754,000, with a local match of $150,000 from the Village. 

Recent Updates

Staff is waiting for a response from the MWRD to see if our grant application will be considered for funding.

Richwood Terrace Drainage Issue

The Richwood Terrace subdivision off of Holbrook Road continues to experience severe flooding throughout the subdivision, especially on the east side in rear yard areas during heavy storm events. Staff suspects that this flooding is due to an undersized culvert under Holbrook Road. 

Recent Updates

Staff requested that contracted engineers complete a small drainage study of the issue on May 19, 2020. We are waiting to receive the study findings so that an improvement project can be identified and funding can be pursued.

803/807 Latimer Lane Drainage Issue

During heavier rainfall events, Latimer Lane floods between Marston Lane and Cummings Lane. When this area floods, water reaches the house located at 807 Latimer Lane. This seems to be the result of a storm sewer capacity issue. In order to address this, additional analysis will be completed to determine the necessary improvement to mitigate the flooding.

FY21 Small Drainage Improvement Projects

Each year, Public Works staff identifies drainage issues that are reported by residents. If the drainage issue involves one property, then staff works directly with the resident to identify solutions that they can implement on their own or with a contractor. If the drainage issue involves the potential of flooding damage to a structure and involves more than one property, staff works to identify a solution to fix the issue and then prioritizes the improvements each year to see what can be completed with our Storm Sewer Fund budget.

Once the projects are designed and contractor quotes are received, staff will bring the projects to the Village Manager or Village Board (if needed) for approval to proceed. If you are aware of a flooding area that has not been discussed with the Village, please contact us so we can review the situation and help address the problem. Further, if you have questions about other areas not included in this update, please contact the Department of Public Works at (708) 957-4100.