Public Works Department

The Public Works Department is responsible for operating and maintaining the village's public facilities and infrastructure. The Flossmoor Public Works ensures village residents have safe, well-maintained public areas for work and play. With a long and varied list of responsibilities - from maintaining water, wastewater and storm drainage systems, to cleaning up vacant lots and keeping the streets maintained and clear of ice and snow - this department has a significant impact on the day to day life of residents.

Public Works Service Center

New Development

Although maintaining the building and infrastructures already in place is by no means an easy job, the Public Works Department also handles many of the issues relating to new development. Reviewing permits for new construction and development, enforcing Village ordinances and managing contracts for all Village construction projects are also tasks assigned to the department.

Maintenance Programs

Truly understanding the definition of maintenance, the department implemented and oversees a number of prevention programs to support the community. Initiatives such as the Weedy Lot Program, the Street Maintenance and Facilities Program, and the Parkway Tree Maintenance Program provide continual care and upkeep to facilities so that small problems are not allowed to escalate.