Branch Pickup Policy

Branch Pickup

The Village of Flossmoor does not offer normal branch pickup services for residents. Branch pickup is provided through your waste disposal hauler.

Bundling Requirements

Residents are reminded that any branches placed for collection must be tied in bundles with twine or string (no wire or plastic), and should be no more than 18 inches in diameter and three feet in length; otherwise your waste disposal hauler will not collect them.

The bundling requirement is in place so haulers can quickly and safely pick up branches. When branches are not bundled they become intertwined, making them difficult to pick up and causing back injuries. An easy way to tell if you have the bundle the correct size is that any bundle should be able to easily be picked up by one person.

Other Requirements

  • Branches should be placed at the curb on your regular pickup day.
  • Branches must be less than 10 inches in diameter.
  • Branches must be tied in bundles no more than 18 inches in diameter and 3 feet in length (one person must be able to lift bundle).
  • No stumps, roots or attached dirt will be accepted.
  • Yard waste stickers are needed to use this service.
  • Larger sized logs and branches should be disposed of by a tree service or landscaper hired by the homeowner.

Village Pickup and Disposal of Branches from Private Property after Significant Storms have Occurred

In consideration of the difficulties experienced by residents in handling and disposing of large tree branches that fall or are blown down during storms, the Mayor and Board of Trustees have determined that the Village, within specific guidelines, should assist residents by providing the manpower and equipment to remove and dispose of tree branches and limbs that have fallen or been blown down on private property. It is not the intent of this policy to provide for the removal or disposal of normal yard wastes or maintenance trimmings which are not the result of storm damage.

Policy Procedure

1. On the next business day following any damaging storm, the Village Manager will determine if overall storm damage is significant enough to warrant the expansion of normal Public Works cleanup efforts to include picking up and disposing of limbs and branches that have fallen on private property.

2. Residents will have 3 days to move fallen tree branches to the parkway for pickup by Village crews. Once the 3 day time period has elapsed and crews have make pickups on a particular street, they will not return to remove additional materials placed on the parkway.

3. Only branches and limbs that have fallen or broken as a result of the storm are to be placed at the curb for pickup and disposal by Village crews. Bushes and other normal yard wastes do not pose an unusual disposal difficulty and must be disposed of by the property owner.

4. Limbs and branches placed at the curb by private property owners must not exceed six-inches in diameter or ten feet in length.

5. Under no circumstances will Village crews enter private property to cut or retrieve trees, limbs, or branches.

6. The Village will not pick up branches along private roads or drives, or within or adjacent to privately maintained developments.

Pickup and Disposal of Branches from Private Property Policy (PDF)