Join the Flossmoor Police Department

Question: What kind of training does the Flossmoor Police Department receive?

Answer: The Flossmoor Police Department philosophy is "every day is a training day." New full-time officers attend an eleven week basic Police Recruit Academy upon appointment. The Police Recruit Academy is conducted at a regional training facility. The Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board oversees the state's law enforcement process by setting the basic standards to promote and maintain professional standards for law enforcement. In order to successfully complete this program, officers must show proficiency and pass exams in numerous law enforcement topics. Some topics include: report writing, patrol procedures, traffic accident investigations, weapons and defense tactics, Use of Force, criminal and traffic law, self-improvement, community policing and cultural competency. After successful completion of the police academy, the officer must past the Illinois Law Enforcement Officers Certification Examination.

After graduating from the Police Recruit Academy, officers enter Field Training, a thirteen-week program during which experienced officers train new officers. The Field Training and Evaluation program is intended to provide a standardized program to facilitate the officers' transition from the academic setting to the actual performance of general law enforcement duties of the Flossmoor Police Department. Our goal is to prepare new officers with problem-solving skills, leadership, and willingness to work as partners with the community to fight crime. The FTO program is the foundation for life-long learning that prepares new Flossmoor officers for the complexities of policing today and in the future.

All officers receive mandated training as required by the Illinois Police Training Act. Officers receive training that includes laws of arrest, response to resistance, search and seizure, response to mental illnesses, patrol procedures, firearms, diversity training, policies and procedures that include daily training bulletins and monthly police law review training. In addition, officers are trained in tactical response. Training includes rapid response training, department-wide tactical response training, and semi-annually response to active school shooter training.

At the individual level, several members of the organization also pursue their education study on their own in order to remain accurate in their understanding of how they can apply their authority and to develop into future leaders of the department. The Flossmoor Police Department will continue to develop and promote a diverse and professional workforce and to develop leaders for tomorrow in order to provide the highest quality public service.

Question: How does the Police Department recruit and hire new officers?

Answer: The Flossmoor Police Department has a reputation for being a career department – a police department where officers enjoy a mutually rewarding career providing professional police protection for a community that values their service. The Flossmoor Police Department seeks to hire officers who are committed to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity in providing quality service to our community. To be eligible to take the Entry Level Police Officer Examination, the applicant must meet the requirements of the Flossmoor Fire and Police Commissioners and the State of Illinois. The Village of Flossmoor, with the assistance of a resident committee known as the Board of Fire and Police Commissioners, conducts a Police Civil Service examination at least once every two years in order to create an eligibility list from which to hire new officers. The exam is a series of tests (physical, written, and oral interview). When a position becomes available, the candidate must successfully pass a background investigation, medical, and psychological examination. The list remains in effect for two years or until the list is exhausted, at which time a new test is given.

The Flossmoor Police Department is committed to recruiting and selecting the most qualified applicants to become police officers in our village. To develop a strong applicant pool, the department recruits through the Blue Line, the single most comprehensive source of law enforcement career information available. The department sends out recruitment flyers to all the neighboring colleges including colleges in Chicago and our community website and attends job fairs at the local level. The department has partnered with the NAACP to discuss the department's hiring practices and getting the word out to minority groups, encouraging minorities to apply. While vacancies aren't frequent, the department is actively engaged in recruiting the next generation of top talent to serve in our department.