Guiding Principles for Diversity & Inclusion

In 2017, as part of the implementation of the Village Board's Strategic Plan, the Community Relations Commission developed the Guiding Principles for Diversity & Inclusion to ensure the Village works toward the vision of an inclusive community. The Village Board adopted the policy in August 2018.   

Shared Values

The Village of Flossmoor is energized by diversity in all its forms and is welcoming to families of all descriptions. The village recognizes that the definition of diversity itself should be broad and inclusive, including diversity of religion, gender, sexuality, family, age, culture, and race. The Village seeks to promote a community that is accepting, respectful and welcoming to all.


People of diverse backgrounds need to be included and represented in government. The Village’s resident volunteer commissions should have members who represent different neighborhoods and backgrounds. The Village’s diversity should be displayed in marketing materials and communications.

Communication and Connections

The Village of Flossmoor seeks to encourage dialogue both with its residents and among its residents, providing opportunities for all residents’ voices to be heard. The Village will encourage, and in some cases, facilitate, or work with community partners, to facilitate communications within neighborhoods. To this end, the Village’s objective is to connect residents to each other and their government in a way that makes them feel valued.


The Village's programs and services should operate in a way that is fair and equitable. Services and community resources should be easily accessible. The Village will take concerns of discrimination seriously. The Village will encourage other government agencies in Flossmoor to promote these principles in their services and programs.


Village programs and events should offer a variety of activities that celebrate all cultures and allow residents to celebrate diversity, become more united, and learn from each other.