Historic Building Survey

Whether you’ve lived in Flossmoor your whole lifePhoto of Mid-Century Modern Home on Sylvan court, or you’re a recent new resident, you know that the homes in Flossmoor are beautiful and unique. The Village is lucky to have some of the best historic homes and neighborhoods in the Chicago area – something we can all be proud of and can be leveraged when we market Flossmoor to new residents. The Village has been working on a historic building survey since late 2019 to document, evaluate and research the history of the Village’s buildings. 

Photographic Survey

The first step of this project is photographing more than 1,000 homes and other buildings in Flossmoor. Future steps include classifying homes according to their architectural styles, and researching the history of homes, including the years they were built, the architect and any significant history of the buildings (such as prominent residents).

By documenting the history Photo of Historic Home with White Stucco Exterior and Red Clay Roof Tilesof our homes now, we are helping to ensure future generations have access to information about Flossmoor’s history. We’re also creating a baseline for future research and documentation. Finally, we can determine whether Flossmoor’s neighborhoods qualify for listing on the National Register of Historic Places, which would be a feather in Flossmoor’s cap and potentially provide homeowners the tax incentives for preserving the historic nature of their home. (It’s important to note that a listing on the National Register of Historic Places DOES NOT prevent you from making changes to the exterior or interior of your home or property.)

Over the next few months, you may see volunteers photographing the exterior of homes in Old Flossmoor, Flossmoor Park, parts of Heather Hill, Flossmoor Estates, Sylvan Court and other neighborhoods. These photos are necessary to complete the survey. All photos will be taken from the sidewalk. No one will enter your property. The volunteers are all Flossmoor residents who are giving their time to support this project.

ResearchPhoto of Red Brick Home with Red Clay Roof Tile on Gardner Road

In an effort to capture historically relevant information such as original blueprints, architect information, historical uses, and others, we are reaching out to the community for input and documentation.  This information will be used for the benefit of future generations and possibly a historical designation.
This outreach represents the second phase of the effort. Click here to access the survey.