Beekeeping Regulations

Beekeeping activities are permitted in single-family residential districts in the Village but only in compliance with regulations presented in Chapter 200, Article 4, Section 200-4-7 of the Flossmoor Municipal Code.

All apiaries will need to be approved and registered with the Village. 

Registration shall be granted yearly on a first come first served basis and must be renewed annually with renewal applicants taking priority over new applicants. 

The maximum number registrations issued at any time within the Village is eight (8). Registration Fee is $75

Please review the links below for all information regarding beekeeping in Flossmoor.

Once your application is complete, you may submit by email, fax, U. S. Mail or the Village drop box.  

All approved applicants will be notified and registration materials will be mailed.

Beekeeping Fact Sheet

Chapter 200, Article 4, Section 200-4-7 of the Village of Flossmoor Municipal Code

Beekeeping Registration Application

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