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Flossmoor Parkway Tree Planting Application

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  5. The Village Forestry Maintenance Technician must approve tree species and locations. Efforts will be made to plant the preferred tree species. Changes to species may be necessary due to nursery availability, parkway location, and to promote species diversity. Approved applications will be put on the village tree planting list and planted on a firstcome, first-serve basis. Trees are planted spring and fall each year by the Flossmoor Green Commission, Flossmoor Public Works Department, and community volunteers. For each tree approved, a wooden stake will be delivered to you with a notice of a deadline to have the stake placed. Place the stake in the parkway at the location where you prefer that the tree be planted. If, for any reason, the tree cannot be planted at the exact place you desire, it will be planted as close to the stake as possible.
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