Street Resurfacing Project

The Flossmoor Street Maintenance Program was developed to keep Village streets in "good to excellent" condition at all times using only funding derived from Motor Fuel Taxes (MFT). The program ensures that each year all repairs and resurfacing are completed on approximately one mile of the Village’s 40+ miles of streets at an annual cost of about $300,000. The plan was originally created so that every street in Flossmoor is resurfaced on a 15 year rotation.

2020 Street Resurfacing Schedule

  1. Hamlin Avenue (Flossmoor Road to North End)
  2. 190th Street (Avers Avenue to Hamlin Avenue)
  3. Sunset Avenue (Heather Hill Cr. to Oakmont Avenue)

2020 Street Location Map (1 of 2)

2020 Street Location Map (2 of 2)