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Flags of Flossmoor Fundraiser - Artist Submission Form


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    1. Flags of Flossmoor Submission Guidelines
      The flag designs can be inspired by anything suitable for general audiences, but should express the theme of the exhibition: Welcoming. Beautiful. Connected. IMAGES of original, existing artwork in any medium (2-D, 3-D, new media, installation, etc.), OR new designs made specifically for Flags of Flossmoor project, will be accepted.
    2. Image Format
      Designs should be in a 2x3 aspect ratio to fit on a 2 foot by 3 foot flag. The flags hang at a 45 degree angle, and naturally drape and move in the breeze. Images are printed on one side of flag, and are visible from both sides. Overall designs, bright colors and bold contrast will work best. Resolution & Pixel-Based Images: If you use pixel-based images, they must have a minimum resolution of 100ppi (pixels per inch), though larger PPI sizes are preferred. Image resolutions at capture should be appropriate for the final output size of 2’ x 3’. Application Formats: Adobe Illustrator® 8.0 to CS5 Adobe Photoshop® 6.0 to CS5 File types: TIFF, EPS, PSD or PDF. * NOTE: If you are working with Adobe InDesign®, please export to one of the above file types.
    3. Agreement
      By submitting an image and entry form to this project, Flossmoor Public Art Commission is being given reproduction rights of the image by the participant; the participant is responsible for submitting only images of original artwork done by themselves, and not under any copyright or other restrictions. The participant retains the original artwork and their own copyrights to reproduce the image as they wish. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Participation in the exhibition entry process constitutes an understanding and acceptance of the conditions set forth above. For questions about the exhibition, please contact Laura Brennan-Levy by phone at (708) 798-2300 ext. 5472 or via email at