How can I more closely follow the Village’s expenditures?

The Village has a very transparent budget process and publishes detailed budget documents throughout the fiscal year (May 1 through April 30) at the beginning, mid-point and end, which includes lengthy narratives of historical context and the use of funds. Variances in the amount of $750 or more are reported. The Village Board approves all payments to vendors at their regular Board meetings, and this information is made public in the Village Board agenda packet on the Village website on the Friday prior to each Board meeting. Financial documents — including the Annual Comprehensive Financial Report and Annual Operating Budget — can be found at

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1. Where does the Village get its money to provide services to residents and businesses?
2. I’m new to Flossmoor. Why do property taxes seem so high?
3. My annual property taxes are almost $12,000. Where do the taxes go?
4. Are property taxes and sales tax the only sources of revenue for the Village?
5. How are my tax dollars managed by the Village?
6. I notice quite a bit of street construction and sidewalk replacement. Do my property taxes pay for this work?
7. In light of these capital projects, what was the initial impact on my property taxes?
8. While I’m glad to see efforts to improve infrastructure, will my property taxes be higher?
9. How is the amount I pay in property taxes determined?
10. How does the Village save taxpayers money when its infrastructure projects are paid for in cash without borrowing and incurring debt?
11. How else does being a non-home rule municipality impact borrowing costs?
12. What is the current outlook for the Village’s finances?
13. Doesn’t the Village have reserves that can be used to defray these additional costs and projects?
14. How can I more closely follow the Village’s expenditures?