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  1. Homewood yard waste stickers

    Homewood Disposal Yard Waste Sticker Order Form

    You can now order stickers for yard waste to be mailed to you. Read on...
  2. Photo of Historic Flossmoor Train Station with Men Standing in Front

    Historic Building Survey - Tell Us What You Know About Your Historic Home!

    We're working with Carlile Architects to survey historic buildings in Flossmoor. Step 1 is photographing 1,000 buildings. Step Two is research. Complete our survey form if you have information on your home or other historic buildings in Flossmoor. Read on...
  1. Photo of Meijer Development with Buona Beef Sign

    Opening or Expanding a Business? Think Flossmoor!

    Be a part of our vibrant local economy! Learn more about opportunities for development and redevelopment in Flossmoor. Read on...
  2. Flossmoor Logo

    New Supplier Registration Form

    Tell us about your business! As part of our commitment to inclusion, we're looking to build our database of available vendors. Create a profile in our database and let us know if you can help us achieve a more diverse supply chain. Read on...
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