Non-Profit Community Partner Application

Partner Application

  1. The Village of Flossmoor is a welcoming community, filled with residents who enjoy making a difference. In this spirit, the Village’s Community Relations Commission would like to promote and support local non-profit organizations during Village events. For example, during annual events such as Winterfest or Recyclepalooza, residents can be encouraged to donate basic items needed for others. This community giving spirit is one way in which Flossmoor shines brightly. Your non-profit organization is invited to make a request to join in a Village event or celebration where contributions (other than cash donations) would further your mission to support your clients. Examples include non-perishable food items, diapers, pet food or cold-weather apparel. To be considered for this opportunity, your agency must:

    • Have 501_(c)_3 status
    • Be located within 10 miles of Flossmoor Village Hall (2800 Flossmoor Road, Flossmoor, Ill.)
    • Have served the community for at least five years
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