New Parking Regulations

New Parking Regulations Now In Effect

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Tod Kamleiter
Deputy Police Chief

As of October 1, 2015 restricting parking to the non-hydrant side of the street and restricting parking on all Village streets after 2 inches of snowfall will go into effect. With regard to the limitation of parking on the non-hydrant side of the street, keep in mind the following:

  • School zone parking will still be in effect. Those areas signed around Western Avenue, Heather Hill and Flossmoor Hills Schools will continue to operate with the signage that has already been established to accommodate school drop off and pick up. Therefore, parking may then be allowed on the hydrant side of the street per that signage.
  • Parking around churches and parks will continue to be regulated by today’s regulations and any signage that exists.
  • There are several streets in the center of the Village that have time limit parking to dissuade commuters from parking on Village streets all day. That time limit parking will still apply. However, there will be no parking on the hydrant side of those streets, and the time limit regulation will be in effect on the non-hydrant side.
  • Private streets such as Hampton Ct., Pembrook Ct., Acorn Ln., Dundonald Rd., the Chestnut Hill subdivision, the Baythorne subdivision, Butterfield Circle, Huntington Ct., and Gianna Dr. will not be impacted by the new regulation.
Read staff report to the Board on explanation for new regulation. 
Parking Ordinance Map (6-25-15)