Street Rehabilitation Project

The Flossmoor Street Rehabilitation Project is currently underway.  This project includes concrete sidewalk and curb and gutter repairs, ADA sidewalk improvements, street patching, street resurfacing and restoration work.  Below is a list of the streets included in the 2022 project.

  1. Ballantrae Way (Crawford Avenue to Tiree Court)
  2. Braeburn Avenue (Flossmoor Road to Butterfield Road)
  3. Douglas Avenue (Flossmoor Road to Maryland Avenue)
  4. Evans Road (Carroll Parkway to Flossmoor Road & Evans Road to Hutchison Road)
  5. Sterling Avenue (Heather Road to Park Drive)
  6. Springfield Avenue (Flossmoor Road to 189th Street)
  7. 189th Street (Crawford Avenue to Hamlin Avenue)
  8. Tina Lane (Dixie Highway to North End)