Block Parties

Step-by-Step Tips for a Great Time!

The Village of Flossmoor encourages our community to get out there and know your neighbors. Building friendly relationships makes us an even more vibrant village. We hope you find the tips below helpful to get you started in planning your Block Party.

Step 1: Set up a Block Directory

  • Send out a flyer to your neighbors requesting "Block Directory Data" including phone, e-mail, kids, pets, etc. If you already have a block directory, just request updates. At the same time, poll neighbors on block party interest.
  • Ask for volunteers to attend a Block Party Planning Meeting.

Step 2: Host a Block Party Planning Meeting

  • Use the Block Directory information to invite neighbors to a planning meeting
  • Send out and email with block party plan and potential dates. Ask for feedback by a specific date.
  • Decide on party theme and potential dates. Search the web for "Quick and Easy Block Party Themes" and "Activities for All Ages".
  • Recruit neighbors to be responsible for each of the following planning areas: Communication and Invites, Money Collection, Activities, Shoppers (for food and paper products), Set Up and Clean Up Coordination
  • Use Community Resources!
  • Flossmoor Village Resources - download (or pick up at Village Hall) the Block Party Application. Flossmoor will provide barricades, a safety vehicle visit, and a representative from the Village.
  • Homewood Disposal - They will supply a free waste container and a recycling container upon request.
  • Park District Resources - Visit the Homewood-Flossmoor Park District website or call 957-0300 for information on sport kits or bean bag rentals.
  • Neighbor Resources - Ask neighbors for items they are willing to bring to the block party such as tents, tables, chairs, coolers, sports equipment, musical equipment, craft and face painting supplies, etc.

Step 3: Send Out Block Party Invite

  • Deliver invitations. Be sure to include a request for money (if collecting) and an RSVP by a specific date.
  • Send out two reminder emails…one before RSVP date and one before block party date.
  • Have a planning meeting after RSVP date.

Step 4: The Day of Your Block Party

  • The Village will drop off barricades the Friday before your block party and pick them up the Monday after.
  • Set-up committee should be available to direct neighbors at least two hours before the start time.
  • Be sure to keep one side of the street clear for emergency vehicles.
  • Coordinate clean up before dark.

Step 5: After the Party

Thank everyone who helped plan the party. Have a recap meeting to discuss what worked, what didn’t and some good ideas for your next party.

Keep in touch with your neighbors! After all, the purpose of having a block party was to get to know the people in your neighborhood, right? Don’t lose the connection between your new friends.

Quick & Easy Block Party Themes

  • Block parties are not limited to the traditional all-day barbecues. An hour or two is plenty of time to gather your neighbors! Try one of these ideas…
  • Ice Cream Social - Have your party start in the late afternoon and set up sundae bar.
  • Potluck Party - Ask each family attending to bring one dish to share. Try this…odd addresses bring appetizers, even addressed bring desserts.
  • Pizza Party - Have your guests each bring a pizza from a local pizza parlor and have a "Best Local Pizza" contest.
  • Block Yard Sale and Swap - Kick off a block yard sale by having a neighbor swap before opening sales to others.
  • Holiday Themes - Block parties aren’t reserved for the summer months. Pick a holiday to celebrate with your neighbors. Flossmoor residents have used a block party format for Octoberfest parties, holiday light stringing, and even a St. Patrick’s Day Parade.
  • Neighborhood Cook-Off - Organize a chili competition, baked goods contest or other food-related challenge.
  • Activity Ideas for All Ages

  • Basketball, wiffle ball, volleyball, badminton or beanbag toss tournament.
  • Bike/scooter/stroller races
  • Pet parade
  • "Minute to Win It" games…look on-line for ideas
  • Field Day activities like tug-o-war, water scoop, potato sack race and cup stacking relay
  • Scavenger hunt, jumpy house (if your budget allows), sprinklers or water balloons
  • Did you know? The H-F Park District has sports kits and bean bag equipment available to rent

Green Block Party

  • Here are some helpful hints for planning a "Green" Block Party:
  • Pair up each garbage can with a recycling bin used during your Block Party.
  • Try using cloth tablecloths instead of plastic, disposable ones. They are much prettier and eco-friendly!
  • Use reusable plastic plates, compostable plates or have each family bring their own place settings. (Bring Your Own Plate!)
  • If using paper napkins, make sure to purchase recycled products.
  • Celebrate with neighbors out in your "green" space.
  • Avoid all Styrofoam containers! Styrofoam never decomposes, and therefore is horrible for the environment. Share this news with your neighbors.
  • Ordering pizza? Do not recycle pizza boxes that are stained. Cardboard with grease and food must be thrown away.
  • Block parties are the perfect way to socialize without driving. Enjoy!