Snow and Ice Removal

Despite the beautiful summer and fall, the Chicagoland area can expect approximately 35 inches of snowfall this winter. With this in mind, these are the cold, hard facts for snow removal:

  • Salting of streets in the Central Business District and along principal routes, key intersections, hills, and curves, is conducted whenever icy or slippery conditions become hazardous. The Village tries to balance its priority of insuring public safety with concern for the severe pollutant effects of salt on the environment.
  • Snow plowing begins when snow accumulation amounts to more than two inches. Plowing continues as long as required to maintain passable roadways. Plowing priorities are as follows:
    1. Central Business District
    2. Principal arterial streets
    3. Collector streets and parking lots
    4. Local through streets
    5. Cul-de-sacs and alleys

Snow Clearing Suggestions

In order to make everyone's winter safe, enjoyable, and free from unnecessary back pain, the Village offers these suggestions:

  • If possible, shovel driveway aprons only after roadways are completely cleared. This will eliminate the need to shovel more than once.
  • Pile all snow away from the edge of the road on the left side of the driveway as you face the house. Should the snowplow make an additional pass after you have shoveled, it will not push the same snow back into your driveway.
  • Do not push snow into or across the street. This not only creates an additional hazard, but also may result in the same snow being deposited in your neighbor's driveway should the snowplow make an additional pass.
  • In order to make pedestrian travel safer and easier for everyone, clear snow and ice from the walks adjacent to your property.
  • Clear snow away from fire hydrants to permit easy access in the event of an emergency.