Police Department

Mission Statement

The Flossmoor Police Department will work in partnership with the community to promote open communication, education, cooperation, and fair and equal treatment, to improve the quality of life, promote unity, encourage respect, and make Flossmoor a safe community.


The Flossmoor Police Department has established community-based programs designed to increase officers overall presence in the community as well as enhance the day to day lives of Flossmoor residents.

Flossmoor Police Officers are well trained and equipped to work with the residents of Flossmoor. The Flossmoor Police Department is committed to protecting life and property, investigating criminal matters, enforcing state, local, and traffic laws and providing the highest quality of services to the community.


The Department is made of 30 personnel including:

  • Police Chief
  • Deputy Police Chief
  • Commander
  • Sergeants
  • Patrol Staff
  • Investigations Unit
  • Community Service Officers
  • Records Clerks
Flossmoor Police Department Patch
Flossmoor Police Career Day 2022