Boards & Commissions

If you are interested in signing up for 1 of the following boards or commissions, please fill out the Boards and Commissions Application online.
  1. Plan Commission

    The Plan Commission is charged with hearing and recommending to the Village Board all applications for special use permits, planned developments and amendments to the Zoning Ordinance.

  2. Zoning Board of Appeals

    The Zoning Board of Appeals is charged with considering and recommending to the Village Board appeals of any ordinance, order or interpretation regarding the enforcement of zoning regulations.

  3. Community Relations Commission

    The Community Relations Commission is charged with providing a conduit for all segments of the community to talk and work together for the benefit of the entire Village, to act as a liaison for the Village in regional activities relating to diversity, and to study such matters that may be referred to the Commission by the Mayor or Board of Trustees and to advise and report on these matters.

  4. Green Committee

    The Community Relations Green Committee is charged to examine and where appropriate recommend locally feasible, Flossmoor specific programs for Village resident education and participation on activities and practices that promote environmental awareness and behavior by residents in an effort to promote an environmentally conscientious community at the household level.

  5. Public Art Commission

    The Public Art Commission is charged with enhancing the Village by placing outdoor sculpture and gardens in public areas.

  6. Electrical Commission

    Electrical Commission is charged with recommending safe and practical electrical standards and specifications recommending rules and regulations governing the issuance of permits.

  7. Police & Fire Commissioners Board

    Police and Fire Commissioners Board is charged with the responsibility of examining, appointing, promoting, and removing all officers and members of the Fire and Police Departments of the municipality, and making rules in connection therewith.

  8. Police Pension Board

    Police Pension Board is charged with managing, investing and controlling the Police Pension Fund and all monies pertaining thereto and with paying beneficiaries, all as provided by law.