Fire Prevention Bureau

The lives and property of everyone in Flossmoor, Sunnycrest, and Crawford Countryside can be threatened by fire. Therefore, it is everyone's responsibility to be concerned about fire prevention. Most families in our area have installed at least 1 smoke detector in their home. The children in our community all participate in fire escape drills while at school. Most of the commercial buildings in our community have installed some level of fire suppression or fire detection devices during construction. All of this indicates a basic level of fire prevention awareness within the community.

Bureau Duties
The primary duties normally associated with the activities of the Fire Prevention Bureau are related to the enforcement of fire codes, public fire prevention education, and the investigation of the cause and origins of fire. The authority for the Flossmoor Volunteer Fire Department to carry out these duties is found in Chapter 6, Article II of the Flossmoor Municipal Code.

Fire Prevention History
Aggressive fire prevention activities in the Village of Flossmoor began in the early 1950's under the direction of Fire Chief Jack Brooks. Chief Brooks formed a Fire Prevention Bureau with volunteers from the Fire Department conducting inspections and making public education presentations on their own time. Upon assuming the Office of Fire Chief in 1968, Peter Vandercook brought in Harry Sundeen, who was a retired member of the Fire Department, to run the inspection program.

Harry continued in this position until 1976 when the Village hired Gregory Berk as the 1st full time Fire Inspector. When Peter Vandercook retired as Fire Chief in May 1978, Gregory Berk was appointed to be Fire Chief by Mayor Bert Reed, Jr. The following October Daniel Hornback was hired as Code Enforcement Officer. His duties were split equally between the Fire Department and the Building Department.

Inspectional Services Review
During 1987, Village Manager Peggy Glassford initiated a review of all of the inspectional services within the Village. The intent of this review was to improve communication, eliminate duplicate efforts, and provide better accountability of these services to the Village Administration.

The result of the review was the recommendation to create within the Fire Department a Division of Inspectional Services having the responsibility for the administration and enforcement of the Building, Plumbing, Electrical, Health and Sanitation Codes of the Village. Under this plan, the Assistant Fire Chief acts as Director of Inspectional Services with the responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the division.

Establishment Division of Inspectional Services
On January 18, 1988, the Mayor and Board of Trustees passed the necessary ordinances establishing the Division of Inspectional Services and the Office of Assistant Fire Chief. The full-time position for the Office of Assistant Fire Chief of the Flossmoor Fire Department was filled by appointment from the Fire and Police Commission Eligibility list.

On January 21, 1988, Peggy Glassford, Village Manager, confirmed the appointment of Daniel Hornback as Flossmoor Fire Department's full-time Assistant Fire Chief.

On May 5, 2004 Dan Hornback was named as the Fire Chief of the Flossmoor Fire Department. With Chief Hornback’s promotion, Assistant Fire Chief Dave Habecker is the new Director of Inspectional Services.