Building/Inspectional Services

Welcome to the Village of Flossmoor Building Department. The Building Department is responsible for administration and enforcement of the codes regulating construction, permitting, and inspections within the Village. The department reviews plans, issues permits, conducts field inspections for all construction projects, and provides information to Village residents and contractors regarding local codes and regulations. The review of building plans, issuance of permits, and conducting of inspections are all done to protect health, safety, and the general welfare of the Village residents.

Application for a Building Permit

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If you cannot apply online, completed applications can be emailed, faxed or submitted via U.S. Mail along with any supporting documents (contractor requirements, signed copy of the contract, plat, *etc.) and a check with the cost if known. See our Contractor Requirements, Permit Fact Sheets and Applications and Basic Permit Fee pages to help you or call our office at 708-957-4101. Email permit applications to

PDF’s of all Building Permit Applications are available on our Permit Fact Sheets and Applications page. If you need a copy emailed please let us know.


We will contact you when review is complete with the cost of the permit or will email you your invoice.  You may pay by sending a check (include invoice) in the mail, in our drop box in the Village Hall Parking Lot or in the Police Department lobby.  At this time we are unable to accept over the phone or online payments. 

Once payment is received, we will email the completed permit to you. The permit can be faxed, mailed to you via U.S. Mail or picked up at the Police Department.  Please notify us if you need to make these arrangements. 

*If your property is within a Homeowners Association (Ballantrae, Baythorne, Chestnut Hills, Madison Meadows) you MUST first get approval for any building, fence, sewer, drain, deck, playhouse etc. prior to application with The Village for a building permit. The HOA approval must be submitted with your application.

Adopted National & State Codes

The Village has adopted and enforces the following national and state codes:

  • 2018 International Building Code - With Amendments
  • 2018 International Residential Code - With Amendments
  • 2018 International Mechanical Code
  • 2018 International Fuel Gas Code
  • 2018 International Fire Code
  • 2018 Illinois Energy Conservation Code (Current Edition Adopted by the State of Illinois)
  • 2018 International Property Maintenance Code
  • 2017 National Electrical Code - With Amendments
  • 2018 Illinois Accessibility Code

All work shall also comply with any adopted amendments to any of the above codes.

Permitted Construction Times

Construction operations are permitted between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. in any place where buildings within a radius of four hundred feet (400 feet) are used in part or exclusively for residential purposes.